New collection: Zeus

This new line blends the graphics of precious marbles with highly prestigious fossil woods. Colors are rich and complex, sophisticated and contemporary.

This collection is inspired by Zeus, or Jupiter for Latin mythology. The king, the ruler of all the Gods of Olympus and the God of sky and thunder, according to legend transcribed by the greatest ancient writers, such as Homer, Hesiod and taken up by Ovid in his “Metamorphoses” fell in love with the Phoenician princess Europa and turned into a white bull to conquer her.

The line is characterized by a brushed-effect grinding made with metallic materials applied on the surface, made even more vivid and impacting. The metallic reflections realized on the surface recall the uniqueness of the legend and the symbolism of the bull, while the scratches of the structure evoke the power and the strength of the brand.

Material: rectified fine porcelain stoneware, coloured body, realized with metallic glazes applied on the surface.

Colors: white pearl, platinum, bronze, black diamond

Size: 120×120 cm, thickness 6 mm; suitable for internal and external floors and walls, both for residential and commercial use.