New collection: Dedalo

This series combines the research of a contemporary and elegant collection with the touch of the typical Made in Italy refinement signed by Tonino Lamborghini. 

inspired by the great architect who, in Greek mythology, built the labyrinth of the Minotaur, this collection is characterized by an interweaving of shapes and signs that refer to an imaginary dystopian layout and retrofuturistic design and to a mechanical world typical of the brand’s automotive heritage.
On the surface of the tile, textured finishes and tone-on-tone glazes are a tribute to human strength and intellect. The pattern made on the surface has circuits and materials that, like a maze, intertwine to give life to a style inspired by engines and engineering.
material: rectified fine porcelain stoneware, coloured body, realized with application of materic glazes on the surface
colors: coffee and milk
Size: 120×120 cm, thickness 6 mm; suitable for floors and walls. Particularly suitable for high standing residential use and for commercial areas with medium pedestrian traffic.